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now love, say goodbye to all of it.

turn away.

hip teapots (they're so HIP)
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the word "art" is beginning to lose its meaning

who. This is the "art" journal of one andsheloves.
what. Contains fanfiction, original fiction, mixes, & anything else that she feels fits. Plus; the only place you'll see Rupert & Penelope. ♥
where. Generally happy fun times (mostly).
why. She thinks this is useful. Really, she's bored.
how. Blurb extract by Henry Scott Holland.
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almost lovers in london, balconies, being breathless, bookshops, boys-who-have-broken-my-heart, cat power, co-stars secretly dating eachother, confessions, ending-sentences-with-a-hyphen, faltering, fixing spelling mistakes, forever, french films, fumbling over waist-bands, half-secret half-human babies, hip music on m'space, holding hands, how-much-i-love-you, inappropriate crushes, jose vanders, juno, kimya dawson, late nights, london, love letters, love scenes on balconies, love songs, made-up-cafes-that-sell-books, making people smile, making up words, michael and sara: panama!, mixes, mixtapes, part-time lovers/full-time friends, pink nail varnish, poems that don't rhyme, polaroids, pretending-you're-not-in-love, rupert&penelope, secrets, semicolons, shy kids with instruments, songs-that-get-stuck-in-your-head, staying up all night, the-boy-that-loves-pen, the-girl-that-loves-rupe, the-inability-to-profess-your-love, thinking about thinking, thumbs skimming wrists, turning-all-the-lights-off, whispered words, writing-what-i-can't-say